Selective publications

* indicates corresponding author


Before LoAM exists:

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  6. TiB2 nanoparticles-regulated oxidation behavior in aluminum alloy 7075. S Pan, T Zheng, J Yuan, K Jin, X Li. Corrosion Science 191, 109749
  7. Non-negligible corrosion process in a novel sulfur-based energy storage system. K Jin, S Pan*, T Wang, Z Zhang. Journal of Power Sources 490, 229529
  8. Kinetics and dynamics of surface thermal oxidation in Al-ZrB2 nanocomposites. S Pan, G Yao, Z Guan, N Yu, M Sokoluk, X Li. Corrosion Science 176, 108890
  9. New study on tribological performance of AA7075-TiB2 nanocomposites. S Pan, T Saso, N Yu, M Sokoluk, G Yao, N Umehara, X Li. Tribology International 152, 106565

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