Teaching highlights

MEEN2650-Manufacutring for Engineering Systems

Your first manufacturing and machining practices will start here!
Pairing with the Mechanical Machine Shop, the lab session of MEEN2650 will provide you the first exposure to metrology, lathe, mills, etc.
The current lab session format is continuously improving to cater to the growing needs from students. Take this class, and voice out your needs in manufacutring!
(Photo: Previous lab session outcomes of Dr. Pan as TA)

After the midterm, back from the Spring break, Dr. Pan will invite all lab supervisor, lab TAs, and grading TAs to join a social lecture feedback dining. Students from the course will sign up and be invited by lottery.
As MEEN2650-Manufacutring for Engineering Systems involves lab session and hand-on practices. Also, to gather the feedbacks from students for post-midterm improvements, this social dining will provide the important bridge between the instructors and students.
(Photo: 2023 Spring Lecture Feedback Dining)

STEM education needs to face general public -- This is what LoAM is doing. Officially partnering with various organizations, including museums like the Leonardo, LoAM manufacturers are passing on the knowledge of corrosion, friction, and alloy in a vivid way